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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scarlett in rose

Scarlett looks delicious in this new photoshoot for SModa, her style is so sweet and femenine here, I adoooored it She has recently spoked about her divorce from Ryan Reynolds and said:

"At first I was quite depressed. After about a week or so I pulled myself together and started to go to the gym all the time. Luckily, I've got a few very close girlfriends who have been by my side for 15 years now, who I can talk to about everything and confide in. I've got a close relationship with my twin brother Hunter as well. And then there's my grandmother Dorothy. She recently turned 89 - she's an incredibly sweet, lovely and wise woman."

So nice that she relied on friends and family during those tough times, she also shared what might have gone wrong in their relationship:

"That question is too personal. I will only tell you this: I can be overcritical - with myself and with other people. And I don't compromise... I pass judgment on people quite quickly. If I don't agree with someone or if I'm annoyed I will tell people to their face - no matter how hurtful that might be. That can get me in trouble from time to time. When that happens, my friends have to hold me back and say, 'Scarlett, you can't say that!' I'm also incredibly impatient - regarding my job, my family and men. I want things to progress. I hate stagnation!"

She has just admitted that she doesn't feel mature and maybe she has recently realised that after her divorce but I hope that in a future, she can find stability again with someone else, even though I loved Ryan and Scarlett together.


Traducción: Scarlett sale deliciosa en este nuevo photoshoot para SModa, su estilo es tan dulce y femenino que lo he adoraaado
Recientemente ha hablado sobre su divorcio de Ryan Reynolds:

"Al principio estaba bastante deprimida. Pasada una semana más o menos me recompuse y empezé a ir al gimnasio todo el tiempo. Afortunadamente, tengo una par de amigas muy unidas a mí que llevan 15 años a mi lado, y a quienes les puedo contar todo y confiar en ellas. También tengo una relación muy estrecha con mi hermano gemelo Hunter. Y luego está mi abuela Dorothy, ha cumplido hace poco 89 años y és increíblemente dulce, encantadora y una mujer sabia."

Está muy bien que se apoyara en sus amigas y en la familia durante esos momentos tan duros, también compartió lo que pudo ir mal en la relación:

"Esa es una pregunta demasiado personal. Sólo diré ésto: puedo ser hipercrítica, conmigo y con otra gente. Y no soy transigente... Juzgo demasiado rápido a las personas. Si no estoy de acuerdo con alguien o estoy enfadada, lo diré a la cara sin importar lo doloroso que sea. Eso me puede meter en problemas de tanto en tanto. Cuando eso ocurre, mis amigos me han de parar y decirme, 'Scarlett, no puedes decir eso!' También soy increíblemente impaciente, acerca de mi trabajo, familia y con los hombres. Quiero que las cosas progresen. Odio el estancamiento!"

Ha admitido hace poco que no se siente madura y tal vez se haya dado cuenta de ello hace poco tras el divorcio, pero espero que en un futuro encuentre de nuevo la estabilidad junto a alguien, aunque me encantaban Ryan y Scarlett juntos.

source: smoda & many thanks to sja

[ Sighting: Scarlett, Ryan Reynolds and a friend attending together to Radiohead's concert in NYC. "They had walked in together and were very friendly but I didn't see them kiss or hold hands. Before the concert started, Ryan went to the VIP bar and picked up drinks for Scarlett and her friend. They just seemed like good friends." - Sept 29 ]


Maya said...

Vuelve a estar rubia :___) Ya puedo morir en paz.

Anonymous said...

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Romeika said...

Soooo gorgeous.

big kiss

Anonymous said...

Oh who's the guy she's with in the black&white pic? Random model or family?

Miss_Scarlett said...

@Anon: It's a Spanish model ;)

Anonymous said...

Ah ok. I was hoping for her twins face actually! hahhaha! It looks like a sweet photo and the model has somewhat the same hairstyle, facial shape, and body built like Hunter's. I wish there were more pics of the twins.